Our story

It’s said there are two types of intelligence – book smarts and street smarts.

The former represents someone who is intelligent in a scholastic sense, but quite naïve to the workings of the real world. The latter denotes a street wise personality; someone with the confidence and experience to handle themselves around others, but who regularly confuses the use of their, there and they’re.

Tess Fisher started Book Street Communications in 2015, as a side project while managing PR for Australia’s oldest family owned winery, Yalumba. In late 2016, Tess took the plunge and announced she would dedicate 100% of her time to Book Street, making that a reality early in 2017.

With 15 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and communications, Tess has both the book smarts and the street smarts to help your business elevate itself in a crowded marketplace.