Media & influencers

The media landscape has changed dramatically but two key elements remain the same:

  1. People will always continue to be influenced by those they respect and admire (and, unfortunately, by those they fear but we prefer not to dabble in propaganda);
  2. Everyone loves a good story.

Finding and coordinating the angle that will pique the interest of influencers and journalists is a Book Street speciality – if we can gain a spot in the West Australian’s Inside Cover based purely on the names of open water swimmers, or arrange for Dawn Fraser to critique a journalist’s swimming skills, then we can find the story hidden in your brand.

From wine writers to travel media, from magazines to blogs – Book Street will pick up your target audience from where they like to spend their time and bring them to you.

In the five years Tess Fisher held the role of PR & Comms Manager for Yalumba Wine Co. she worked closely with the brand team to build the profile of our fine wine folio. Tess developed strong and positive partnerships for Yalumba and Hill-Smith Family Vineyards with like-minded businesses, including Wm.Inglis, Perth International Arts Festival, WOMAD and North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. I found her a creative and passionate member of our team who always strived for the best outcomes and fought to protect our brand integrity. An excellent writer and researcher for aligned stories, she became liked and respected by all corners of wine media.

Robert Hill-Smith, Chairman/Proprietor, Yalumba